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We are a family business supplying quality menswear, both online and via our shops on the borders of Hampshire, Surrey, and West Sussex for over 50 years. We stock traditional menswear and also cover a wide range of country and business occasional wear. In the last few years we have introduced a very successful hire service via our shops and website.

As you will see, we are able to advise and supply for every formal occasion - specialising with Kilt Hire. Being of direct Scottish ancestry, we simply love the drama and effect of putting you in full Highland dress. Your Scottish links may be frankly minimal, but you will still be impressed - just give us the opportunity to show you how.

All the samples we are showing are 13oz : £450, but are almost always available in 16oz : £475 if the customer prefers.

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BJ005 Stewart (MODERN)
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BJ007 Gordon (MODERN)
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BJ016 Macgregor (MODERN)
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BJ144 Lamont (ANCIENT)
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Everything You Need To Know About Choosing Formal Highland Dress

Formal Highland dress is one of the most distinctive and attractive national costumes in the world, perfect for any formal occasion, from weddings to Burns nights. But if you're delving into Highland dress for the first time, assembling your outfit can seem an intimidating prospect. But this booklet will change that!

Inside, Stuart Fraser of Frasers For Men explains everything you need to know to put together your own formal Highland dress. Besides offering a fascinating glimpse into the history of tartan and Highland dress, Stuart offers expert advice on such topics as...

  • What to wear and when to wear it
  • When you should never wear Highland dress
  • What to expect when you get fitted for a kilt
  • Choosing the perfect jacket, shirts and waistcoat
  • What accessories you need to complete the look
  • What to ask your kilt-maker
  • The legalities involved
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